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Treatise on Grava:

A New Perspective on Cosmology

By Ray Cruz

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October 27, 2000

In the beginning was energy. There was no light or darkness.  There was no matter, no movement. There was no space to contain light or darkness or shapes of any kind. The universe was contained in a primordial phenomenon of raw, unshaped energy.

Then came the form: grava. Grava provided the shape and chronology for the expression of energy. Grava could not exist without energy. Energy could not be expressed without grava. Grava was both the container and the vessel for the expression of energy.

Grava is a single, continuous, super-field that contains and mediates all energy, mass, space and time in the entire universe. The four-dimensional envelope of space and time is an extension of grava. 

The primary orientation of each unit of energy is to occupy all space and obtain an infinite amount of mass – all in one moment of time. It attempts to be everywhere now. Grava controls this orientation by enforcing the established rules, forms and the infrastructure to support the expression of energy.

The rules of our universe, including the speed of light and other constants, were formed through a process of negotiation between grava and raw energy at the earliest moments of the universe. The single most significant factor in determining these rules was the prime quantum of energy in the universe. The governing principal was the most efficient structure for supporting the maximum amount of expression given the prime energy quantum. The rules and constants reflected a division of labor between grava and all other forms of subdivided energy.

The actual steps taken in the determination of the structure and the rules were not elegant, purposeful nor premeditated. A very simple program of events was sequentially executed as the nature of energy required with the incidental outcome of discrete quanta in the field of grava and a number of rules and constants that were necessary for the quanta to coexist in the same field of grava – the universe. 

The basic events were: first the energy, second the field of grava, third the structure including rules and constants.  A different prime quantum of energy would have resulted in different rules and constants. Once the first subdivided quantum of movable energy was established, however, the negotiation process was ended. 

Since there was no time or space to begin with, the subdivision of unshaped energy consisted of establishing space-time entities for each new unit of energy. Each unit of energy was endowed with six dimensions: the energy quantum, mass, time and the three dimensions of space. As shown by Einstein’s formula of E = mc2, these dimensions are quantitatively related. 

The rest was history. From then onward, the primary role of grava was the mediation of competing energy vectors and the subdivision of all raw energy into the array of six-dimensional entities that form the entire universe.

The enforcement of the rules includes the process of relegating certain unstable events to a status of isolation called subgrava. These events are supported by the universal field of grava, but do not have the property of continuity with space and time. Many subgrava events are very short-lived, such as emerging mass-less quanta of energy.

All emerging mass-less quanta of energy seek an infinite amount of space and mass at one moment of time. This is due to the nature of the original single energy lump. It is as if to say that subdivision goes against the grain, even though it is necessary. 

Thus, the antagonism of competing vectors for the resources of space-time and mass is a basic part of nature since the beginning. Grava temporarily isolates these forces and mediates the petitions of all interested parties. In the subgrava state, energy assumes a mass-less form in which movement, location and vibration patterns approach infinite dynamics in defiance of the rules and constants such as the speed of light to which all matter in the integrated universe must defer.  The result, once the rules are successfully applied, is a quantum that conforms to the established structures and rules.

A black hole is an example of a larger subgrava event. Grava isolates the tremendous amount of potential energy of the black hole in a subgrava status in order to maintain the integrity of the continuous three-dimensional universe that surrounds it. Grava ushers a significant amount of resources to support the black hole. The energy is not isolated from grava, but the space-time vectors within the subgrava pocket are sealed off from the external system.

Certain subgrava phenomena have patterns of energy similar to the resonance of strings. Under certain conditions, emerging energy in a mass-less state assumes a three-dimensional form similar to a string which twists and rotates in multiple directions.  The multi-axis three-dimensional strings create patterns of vibration that resemble the mathematical formula touted by many scientists today to support the existence of extra dimensional space.  

There are no extra dimensions of space in subgrava pockets or anywhere else in the universe, however. Nor is there a need for such theoretical constructs to explain the symmetries and asymmetries of the universe. As stated above, these structures and constants are the consequence of the sequence of primordial events governed primarily by the prime quantum of energy.

Gravity is the hand of grava in its most basic function. Grava precludes the existence of the theoretical graviton. The super-field of grava is offered as a substitute for the infinitesimal wave quantum of the graviton. Grava has the unique role of holding all the parts together. This was established at the onset of the universe when the process of subdivision began.

Grava is the only super-field in the universe. All other energy structures are those of the micro-fields of quantum mechanics that have been fairly well defined in recent years. Grava encompasses the universe and provides the rules and webs to support the movement of even the largest objects. 

This may be better understood from a perspective of the role of grava at the onset of the universe. In the beginning, all the objects were relatively close in space with massive energy states. All the objects contained in space were oriented towards subdivision and separation. It is as if to say that each unit behaved as if it were an entire universe. The singular role of grava was to contain and control all objects in one cohesive universe despite the energy vectors of each member.

Thus the role of grava is dual: 1) to provide a structure for the expression and subdivision of all energy forces and 2) to contain and control such expressions and subdivisions in order to maintain a cohesive universe. 

Initially, the role of containing subdivisions was also been necessary in order to establish uniformity. Had pieces of the raw lump of energy escaped prior to the establishment of the rules and structures, they would have diminished the cohesive potential for the remaining part. Once the rules were established, the enforcement of the macro containment rule was relegated to the top cop: grava itself.

Grava is not only the mediator of all forces, but it also is the effective sensor of the super scales of the entire universe. As a super-field, grava is immediately in touch with the entire universe. Grava does not have to wait for light from some distant event to reach it in order to interact with the event. Grava is everywhere at one time. It does not sense as we do, it does not know, but it does react. 

Thus the rules and constants enforced by grava are related to the scales of the entire universe. The primordial energy measurement of the universe and the current energy measurement of the universe are the same. But grava does not have to remember the past. Grava is affected by all events in the entire universe everywhere at all times.

Grava provides mass to emerging energy quanta once the standard rules have been successfully applied. No other particles, such as the Higgs boson or scalar particles, are necessary. This role for grava was established at the very onset of the first quantum in the universe. It was grava that negotiated the rules to provide forms and structures for the expression of energy. It was grava that administered the first mass to the first quantum. It is grava that today provides mass and the total set of space-time dimensions to every deserving quantum of energy.


The perspective of this treatise may provide a new approach for understanding the universe and discovering the secrets that have heretofore eluded the telescopes of science. For example, the thesis that the prime energy quantum may have been the governing factor in determining the speed of light and other constants may lead to mathematical formulas that relate the various entities.

Further research may be made into the initial events of the universe with respect to the sequential program that led to the establishment of the speed of light, the Planck constants and other constants and structures, as well. Experiments in particle physics such as the upcoming LHC in Geneva may support or negate the claims of this treatise.

When the concept of the atom was postulated by the Greek philosophers thousands of years ago, there were no microscopes to inspect the inner contents of matter. There were no telescopes to reveal the existence of galaxies beyond the known universe.  Their minds were yet capable of seeing the possibility of entities and constructs that appeared to be logical and true at that time. 

Today, we know a lot more about the nuts and bolts of matter than was known by the Greeks in past millennia. However, the rigor of discovering the nuts and bolts and analyzing their properties and functions may lead us away from looking at the basic entities themselves.

This treatise looks at the basic properties of energy, space, time and mass from a view that attempts to understand the lowest common denominators for all physical phenomena. What occurred 15 billion years ago also occurs now. Let this provide an antithesis for discussion on the widely accepted string theory of today.

Many important experiments and research efforts are in the offing that will add more pieces to the incomplete puzzle. But at times we also need to reshuffle our concepts and theories to understand the picture of the puzzle from a different, perhaps more useful, viewpoint.

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